Randy Parsons

Randy Parsons has been a professional photographer for over 20 years.
She began as a studio product photographer in San Francisco, serving such clients as
Banana Republic, The Gap, DHL, along with many local ad agencies/designers.
But, life can change things, and when raising two small children became a priority,
it became difficult to schedule photoshoots around them, and so she focused her
talents in a more time-flexible market of the wedding industry.

After a successful run there, and with the kids now driving themselves (hallelujah!),
Randy has returned to her studio work, expanding her expertise between both areas.

The one important aspect that Randy applies to the studio after being a wedding
photographer for so many years is the ability to shoot quickly on the fly. She has become
accustomed to having to shoot with portable equipment, in less-than perfect settings,
and yet produce outstanding photographs. Sometimes knowing how to shoot pool with
the light from one strobe can override the need for a studio full of strobe lights.

Less is more, when you know how to use it.